Mine Health and Safety Act, 29 of 1996
& Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993

  • Legal Appointment training
  • Legal Liability training
  • Overview of each Act, including regulations

Tailor-made training sessions can be developed based on customer specifications.


Stef Viljoen conducts legal compliance assessments in order to determine a Client’s compliance with environmental or health and safety related legislation. Legal compliance assessments can either be comprehensive or risk-based. This is done by conducting either an on-site assessment or a desk-top assessment, depending on a Client’s needs.


Consulting services include amongst others:

  • Legal opinion writing;
  • Legal appointments, which include the drafting of letters of appointment, reviewing of existing letters of appointment as well as providing legal advice on the appointment structure of a company;
  • Environmental, health and safety legal registers;
  • Compilation of checklists etc.
  • Providing legal advice on health and safety matters.